Were You Raised By Wolves?: Clues To The Mysteries Of Adulthood

Were You Raised By Wolves?: Clues To The Mysteries Of Adulthood by Christie Mellor
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203 x 152mm
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It used to be that young people were let loose upon a grateful world with a modicum of social skill and the basic know–how to run a household. But such fundamental competence at the tasks of life seems to be rarer every day. How did we get to this pass? Should Mom not have done all Junior's science projects for him? Should Dad have made Tiffany take that summer job in college instead of paying her way through Europe? Perhaps. But what we really want to know is, what can we do about it? Why are so–called adults often unable to make their beds and clean up their own kitchens? They may even have jobs and apartments–but why are they still relying on their doting parents to manage major details of their lives for them?

In Raised by Wolves, Christie Mellor lovingly offers a handbook full of advice and gentle verbal spankings that will send them off into the real world. She explains how to RSVP, clean a bathroom, behave in a restaurant, be a good party guest, and much, much more–the things every adult needs to know in order to get through life without alienating every person they meet.

This hilarious compendium includes information in a wealth of categories, including: How to poach a chicken (and what to do with it when you're done) How to make the perfect martini 25 amazing uses for baking soda How not to annoy your friends when you break up with your boyfriend 10 common work situations, what you think they mean, and what they really mean How to go a day without spending an
Publication Date:
02 / 06 / 2008
203 x 152mm

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