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    By: Bradley Gerstman & Christopher Pizzo & Rich Seldes

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    Have you ever wondered what he was really thinking? Or been confused about his motives? Or wondered what would make him happy? 'What Men Want' takes you inside the mind and heart of the single, professional male and shows you not only what but how he thinks. A doctor, a lawyer, and an accountant, lifelong friends, tell the truth about men's powerful desire for women and their equally powerful insecurities.

    Knowing the reality - not the ideal - of what men want can free women to make better decisions in their love relationships. Let's face it: men and women often get their signals crossed. We just can't seem to read each other. Yet with the insights found in these pages, you will realise that men are easy to read, once you learn their language.

    This book provides the professional man's point of view on some of the more complex and confusing aspects of dating and relationships. The authors, guys who have been in love and are experienced in the dating scene, list the clear signals that men send when they are in love and when they aren't. They tell women what drives men away and what will capture a man's heart. Their advice might not match what your mother or women friends recommend, but it works. Take it from those who know!

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