What Were They Thinking? The Brainless Blunders That Changed Sports History

What Were They Thinking? The Brainless Blunders That Changed Sports History by Kyle Garlett
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150 x 225mm
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The only thing worse than running out of beer on Game Day is running out of beer while watching some total bonehead lose the game for your team. Like no other incidents in sports‚ a game-deciding coaching blunder or a botched trade made by the G.M. du jour leads otherwise an sedentary fan to believe that the knowledge gleaned from Sunday mornings in a sports bar‚ and countless hours in a La-Z-Boy‚ makes him eminently more qualified to lead his team to the title than the $5 million-a-year hacks getting paid for such jobs. And in WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?‚ the frequency and enormity of all said events finally comes to light.Here are the moments that made you tear out your hair‚ beat your chest in agony‚ and yell until your neighbors called the cops. Covering all the major sports--and then some--this book has dozens of entries that cover the play‚ the players‚ the stakes‚ and the mistakes‚ and the eternal question of "What were they thinking?!?!

Divided into five sections-Coaches‚ G.M.s‚ Media‚ Athletes‚ and Everybody Else-each entertaining narrative will place the bonehead move within its historical context‚ examining the characters and stakes involved‚ the ultimate aftermath of his or her misstep‚ and of course‚ because of the outrageous nature of many these moments‚ more than a little comical commentary.
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2009
150 x 225mm

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