What Will Be by Michael L. Dertouzos
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Michael Dertouzos has been an insightful commentator and an active participant in the creation of the Information Age.Now, in What Will Be, he offers a thought-provoking and entertaining vision of the world of the next decade -- and of the next century. Dertouzos examines the impact that the following new technologies and challenges will have on our lives as the Information Revolution progresses:all the music, film and text ever produced will be available on-demand in our own homesyour "bodynet" will let you make phone calls, check email and pay bills as you walk down the streetadvances in telecommunication will radically alter the role of face-to-face contact in our livesglobal disparities in infrastructure will widen the gap between rich and poorsurgical mini-robots and online care will change the practice of medicine as we know it. Detailed, accessible and visionary, What Will Be  is essential for Information Age revolutionaries and technological neophytes alike.
Publication Date:
17 / 03 / 2009

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