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    What's Happening To My Body? : A Growing-Up Guide For Parents & Sons

    By: Lynda Madaras

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    A straightforward and sympathetic examination of the physical and emotional changes that take place during puberty. All too often parents are too embarrassed or ill-informed to discuss sex and sexuality with their children. This omission can have damaging results, leaving adolescents bewildered or with a scanty knowledge of the subject based largely on hearsay.

    Lynda Madaras explains in frank, friendly and easy-to-comprehend terms what every boy should know about the changes in his body. This includes the development of the sex organs and sexual urges, the growth of body and facial hair, and the deepening of the voice.

    To complete the picture, she also discusses the sexual maturity of girls, the growth of breasts, the onset of menstruation and other facts which are important for boys - as well as girls - to understand. 'What's Happening To My Body?' advocates an open-minded, sensible approach to all aspects of sex and sexuality. It aims to promote discussion between adolescent

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