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    When In Rome: How An American Woman In Italy Lost Weight Eating Pasta And Gelato, Drinking Wine And Loving Life

    By: Debra Friedland

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    153 x 234mm

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    While French women may not get fat, an American living in Rome found the key to healthy, happy, and sensual living in following the Italian philosophy of lifestyle and diet.

    Debra Friedland was a typical Californian girl, enjoying the sun and surf of beautiful Los Angeles and Santa Barbara and her life as a wife and mother. But she found herself increasingly sucked into the negative side of American culture, with its typical stresses -- the everyday grind, screaming media, fast pace -- and countless food obsessions.

    Only when Friedland moved to Rome did she discover how life was supposed to be lived. Italian women knew how to enjoy each second of the day -- and they knew how to eat. She discovered the basics of The Roman Way -- love, sex, friends, and fresh, delicious food. She found that Italian women were overall happier than their American counterparts, they laughed with their friends, they spent quality time with their families, and they ate without counting calories or grams of net carbs! Living in Italy, Friedland not only changed from being a type-A to a happier type-B personality, but she lost ten to fifteen stubborn pounds. Italian women are not super-skinny -- but they don't want to be! They are slender, curvy, and happy, living in a culture that doesn't idolize the stick figure but also doesn't promote obesity.
    Publication Date:
    01 / 09 / 2011
    153 x 234mm

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