Where The Stress Falls: Essays

Where The Stress Falls: Essays by Susan Sontag
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Susan Sontag has said that her earliest idea of what a writer should be was "someone who is interested in everything". Thirty-five years after her first collection of essays, the now classic 'Against Interpretation', America's most important essayist has chosen more than forty longer and shorter pieces from the last two decades that illustrate a deeply, kaleidoscopic array of interests, passions, observations and ideas.

'Reading' offers ardent, freewheeling considerations of talismanic writers from her own private canon, such as Marina Tsvetaeva, Randall Jarrell, Roland Barthes, Machado de Assis, WG Sebald, Borges and Elizabeth Hardwick. 'Seeing' is a series of luminous and incisive encounters with film, dance, photography, painting, opera and theatre. And in the final section, 'There And Here', Sontag explores some of her own commitments: to the work (and activism) of conscience, to the concreteness of historical understanding, and to the vocation of the writer.

'Where The Stress Falls' records a great American writer's urgent engagement with some of the most significant aesthetic and moral issues of the late twentieth century, and provides a brilliant and clear-eyed appraisal of what is at stake, in this new century, in the survival of that inheritance.
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2002
154 x 237mm

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