Whispers Of Betrayal

Whispers Of Betrayal by Michael Dobbs
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152 x 231mm
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A Thomas Goodfellowe Novel.

Can one angry man bring the capital to its knees?

In the world of power-hungry politicians, Thomas Goodfellowe is an unlikely hero, an MP whose obstinate refusal to compromise has cost him a place in the Cabinet and left his private life in ruins. Now, for the first time in many years, Goodfellowe can see happiness within his grasp. He is with the woman he loves and has a chance to return to the top ranks of politics. But he reckons without his old schoolfriend Colonel Peter Amadeus, a disgruntled former Paratrooper who feels betrayed by the Government and the defence cuts that have thrown him and countless other soldiers on the scrapheap.

All Amadeus wants is an apology, but when his request is dismissed it becomes a matter of honour, and he and a hand-picked team of former soldiers embark on a campaign of wholesale retribution. London becomes a city under siege, its lifelines cut, and the Government is presented with a stark choice. Either the Prime Minister resigns, or London will be destroyed.

As the capital is gripped by growing panic and the deadline approaches, Goodfellowe must face the ultimate test: torn between ambition and honour - with the fate of London in his hands.
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2002
152 x 231mm

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