Who's Who In Business In Australia 2000

Who's Who In Business In Australia 2000 by Various
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146 x 238mm

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Volume 1: Biographies
Volume 2: Organisations

This is the biographical and contacts reference to Australia's leaders in every field of business. It brings you more than 23,000 entries and more than 2400 pages in two volumes.

Volume 1 gives you more than 16,000 biographical references to Australia's business leaders. At a glance you see:
- full name and designation
- titles, decorations, degrees
- current occupation or main appointment with date commenced
- career, principal offices and positions (with dates)
- committees, memberships past or present
- recreations and special interests
- publications, books and major papers
- date and place of birth
- parents' names
- education, schools, colleges, universities
- date of marriage and to whom
- number of sons and/or daughters
- business address, contact telephone and fax numbers
- business category.

You also get a brief and revealing statement of work ethos or business observation from many of the business leaders.

Plus Volume 2 gives you more than 6800 business organisations with the latest contacts and description of activities. Business organisations are listed alphabetically and by categories of activities. So it's easy for you to contact any business even if you don't know its name.

This is your gold mine of facts and contacts.
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 1999
146 x 238mm

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