Why Do I Love These People?

Why Do I Love These People? by Po Bronson
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Po Bronson
Date Released
153 x 234mm
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The Families We Come From And The Families We Form . . .

Bestselling writer Po Bronson has written an extraordinary book about the institution that is central to all our lives.

There's the family you come from, and the family you create. After the enormous success of 'What Should I Do With My Life', Po Bronson's new book deals with the crucial subject of families. The book tells of ordinary people, who've had to recreate a life after hardship, much like in 'What Should I Do With My Life'.

The sole survivor of a plane wreck that killed her family. A father raising his second family, trying to do it right this time, when his 2 year old son dies mysteriously. An Indian woman imported to the US in an arranged marriage, now divorced and on her second family. Fiorella, half Italian/half American, divorces her London husband and wonders whether to move her children to be with family in Rome or New York. A Mexican mother whose son had severe ADHD, and everyone said there was no hope, who raised him to be an honors student graduating this week from Arizona State. A father who never got to admit his paternity (she was married and pretended the baby was from the marriage) who is compelled, powerfully, to find his son, 14 years later, and rescue him from a bad situation. Men who were ignored by their fathers, now taking care of their fathers in their final years. Amy breaks off her engagement in Japan, comes home to Manchester, wallows for years until she finally breaks the decade-long silence with her alcoholic father, which somehow frees her to love again.

Po Bronson has spoken and corresponded with 1,000 of people to write this remarkable book.
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 2005
153 x 234mm

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