Why Good People Do Bad Things Unabridged 7 480

Why Good People Do Bad Things Unabridged 7/480 by Debbie Ford
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We've all heard the stories- some of them show up on the evening news and as headlines on the weekly tabloids: The all-American sports hero accused of a brutal crime; the TV evangelist who gets arrested for soliciting prostitutes; the school teacher who carries on an affair with one of her students; or the baseball star who gambles on his own games. These public demonstrations of good people going astray have become our national obsession‚ but countless other examples take place‚ unbeknownst to us‚ in our own backyards: The successful eye surgeon who gambles his kids' college tuition away; the public official who takes a bribe; the uncle who molests his niece; or the PTA mom who is having an affair with her best friend's husband. These are people who most of their peers would consider good people‚ not shady characters whose previous histories would predict their unscrupulous behavior. These are people like you and me‚ people who started out with big dreams for their future and just want a good life.
Exposing the underbelly of the human psyche‚ Debbie Ford takes us face to face with what is often referred to as our dark side. Birthed out of fear and shame‚ it is the wounded aspect of our ego that misdirects our good intentions and drives us to act out and self-destruct. WHY GOOD PEOPLE DO BAD THINGS exposes the two contradictory forces that exist within each one of us: The force that compels us to expand our ability to give and receive love‚ be a contributing member of our community and succeed in our outer endeavors -and the force that holds us back‚ sabotages our best efforts‚ and repeatedly steers us in a direction that is inconsistent with our deepest goals and values. By revealing the signposts that lead to disaster‚ Debbie Ford helps us recognize the devastation of denying the darker aspect of ourselves and helps us to heal this split. With honesty and shocking candor‚ we learn the traps of self-deception and sabotage and gain the tools to be the good person we always intended to be.
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2009

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