Why Trade Options? by Mark D. Wolfinger

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In an era where ';buy and hold' investment strategies no longer work, investors desperately need portfolio protection. Fortunately, it's availablein the form of options. In Why Trade Options? top trader and options instructor Mark D. Wolfinger shows how options can be used conservatively, to systematically reduce risk and protect assets. Wolfinger explains the choices that options provide to cautious investors and explains the tradeoffs associated with each alternative. You'll learn how to use ';protective' (a.k.a. ';married') puts to buy complete protection at a higher priceand how to use covered calls to gain more modest protection, without paying a dime out of pocket. Wolfinger shows how to use simple ';collars' to gain more protection at lower cost and helps you use options-based ';stock replacement' strategies to lock in stock profits (while objectively considering the tax implications). Nowadays, intelligent investors need to address risk as much as return. Why Trade Options? gives them powerful tools for doing just that.
Publication Date:
20 / 01 / 2012

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