Wilderness Survival by Mark Elbroch, Michael Pewtherer

By: Mark Elbroch, Michael Pewtherer

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You’re alone in the wilderness with nothing but a knife and the clothes on your back. Will you survive? Do you have the skills to feed, clothe, and protect yourself? Mark Elbroch, a master tracker, and Mike Pewtherer, a woodland skills educator, put those questions to the test when they embarked on a 46-day, unprovisioned, unequipped journey into the dense wilderness of the northeastern United States.

Wilderness Survival is their highly practical and uniquely observant introduction to survival in the deep woods. Mark and Mike tested generally accepted truths, questioned conventional solutions, and distilled the best techniques for making fire, obtaining shelter, finding water, and hunting with primitive weapons. They give you:

•A life-saving handbook of survival skills that explores man's place in the natural world

•The secret to surviving in the wilderness as part of nature—not its adversary

•Explanations of more than 30 wilderness survival skills, including hunting and gathering food, fashioning tools, and preserving and storing food
Publication Date:
13 / 04 / 2006

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