Wind Energy Engineering, Second Edition

Wind Energy Engineering, Second Edition by Pramod Jain

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A fully up-to-date, comprehensive wind energy engineering resource

This thoroughly updated reference offers complete details on effectively harnessing wind energy as a viable and economical power source. Globally recognized wind expert Pramod Jain clearly explains physics, meteorology, aerodynamics, wind measurement, wind turbines, and electricity. New energy policies and grid integration procedures are covered, including pre-deployment studies and grid modifications. Filled with diagrams, tables, charts, graphs, and statistics, Wind Energy Engineering, Second Edition, is a definitive guide to current developments and emerging technologies in wind energy.

Wind Energy Engineering, Second Edition covers:

The worldwide business of wind energy

Wind energy basics

Meteorological properties of wind and air

Wind turbine aerodynamics

Turbine blade element models and power curves

Wind measurement and reporting

Wind resource assessment

Advanced resource assessment topics, including wake, losses, and uncertainty

Wind turbine generator components

Electricity and generator fundamentals

Grid integration of wind energy

Environmental impact of wind projects

Financial modeling, planning, and execution of wind projects

Wind energy policy and licensing guidelines
Publication Date:
05 / 01 / 2016

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