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    Windtalkers - Film Tie-In

    By: Max Allen Collins

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    In the brutal fires of war, two men come together from different worlds. Joe Enders is a haunted warrior plagued by guilt, the only man to survive a terrifying bloodbath on the Tarawa Atoll. Ben Yahzee is a "codetalker", a gentle, proud Navajo who transmits secret military code created from his Native American tongue - a language the Japanese enemy cannot decipher.

    One Marine fighting his demons and another battling prejudice and his own inner fears, together their lives are joined in the most horrific hell of the war-torn Pacific.

    In this sensational novelisation, a marine must protect a Navajo radioman - or kill him if he falls into enemy hands - during the invasion of Sai-pan, one of the last Pacific Islands help by the Japanese.

    Now a major motion picture directed by Jon Woo, whose action films are some of the highest-grossing ever ('Mission Impossible II', 'Face/Off', 'Broken Arrow'). 'Windtalkers' reunites Jon Woo with Nicolas Cage and Christian Slater. Based on one of the most top-secret elements of World War II; the novel contains 30% additional historical information about the real-life inspiration for the movie.

    For WWII buffs, and fans of military and adventure stories including 'Saving Private Ryan'. Collins is an award-winning writer and expert on World War II whose recent novelisations include 'Saving Private Ryan', a 'New York Times' bestseller, 'The Mummy', and 'U-571'.

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