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Wine Tasting: A Professional Handbook is an essential guide for any professional or serious connoisseur seeking to understand both the theory and practice of wine tasting. From techniques for assessing wine properties and quality, including physiological, psychological, and physicochemical sensory evaluation, to the latest information on types of wine, the author guides the reader to a clear and applicable understanding of the wine tasting process. Including illustrative data and testing technique descriptions, Wine Tasting is for professional tasters, those who train tasters and those involved in designing wine tastings as well as the connoisseur seeking to maximize their perception and appreciation of wine.Revised and updated coverage, notably the physiology and neurology taste and odor perceptionExpanded coverage of the statistical aspect of wine tasting (specific examples to show the process), qualitative wine tasting (examples for winery staff tasting their own wines; more examples for consumer groups and restaurants), tripling of the material on wine styles and types, wine language, the origins of wine quality, and food and wine combinationFlow chart of wine tasting stepsFlow chart of wine production proceduresPractical details on wine storage and problems during and following bottle openingExamples of tasting sheetsDetails of errors to be avoidedProcedures for training and testing sensory skill
Publication Date:
15 / 05 / 2009

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