Wing Girl: HarperImpulse RomCom

Wing Girl: HarperImpulse RomCom by Nic Tatano
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197 x 130mm

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WING GIRL Wing Girl: [wing-gurl] noun 1. A young, single woman frequenting liquor-serving establishments who attracts then later repels eligible men that are eventually picked up by her friends. 2. The essential accessory for dating in Manhattan. For years guys have cruised bars using the "wing man" as a divide and conquer weapon designed to liberate a gorgeous woman from her not-so-beautiful friend. Meet Belinda Carson, Wing Girl. She's a kick-ass, take-no-prisoners investigative reporter fighting for truth, justice and higher ratings. But while her fame draws in the hotties, it's unfortunate that you can't buy a new personality at Bloomingdales! Because up close and personal these unsuspecting suitors get fried by a snarky attitude that's sharp enough to slice a stale bagel... which leaves her grateful friends to swoop in for the delectable leftovers! Only enough is enough - isn't it time for Belinda to stop taking one for the team and land her own Mr Right?
Publication Date:
03 / 11 / 2014
197 x 130mm

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