Winning the Profit Game: Smarter Pricing, Smarter Branding

Winning the Profit Game: Smarter Pricing, Smarter Branding by Michael Reopel, Robert Docters
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How to use pricing as a strategic tool to increase revenues and win the war for profit

One of the greatest pitfalls in the war for profits is corporate strategists' lack of a practical understanding of the link between overall revenues and overall costs. In Winning the Profit Game, the thought leaders at A. T. Kearney unveil a revolutionary new approach to establishing clear, strategic links between the top and bottom lines. No dry academic treatise, Winning the Profit Game is a guide to growing profits, in boom times and bust, using smart top-line strategies that optimize price, costs, customer behavior, and volumes. The authors clearly lay out the basic principles involved and also include:

Proven strategies for transforming added value into revenues and winning the war for profits

Prescriptive frameworks for putting the principles and strategies into action, immediately

Numerous success stories based on experiences of A. T. Kearney clients worldwide
Publication Date:
21 / 01 / 2004

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