Winning Ways by Richard Lyles
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Unleash Your Power for Success.

This is an inspiring tale of how to successfully work as a team from the CEO of Blanchard Training and Development.

Albert is a star employee with Global Systems Technologies, the only problem looming over his bright career is when he runs into trouble working on a team project. His department head introduces him to Coach Calvert and the secrets of his Winning Ways.

They are:
- Make others feel stronger rather than weaker as a result of your interactions with them.
- Camels are okay meaning that it is possible to combine the strength and vision of everyone on a team to create a vision that everyone can get behind and support. Today's camel builders will be tomorrow's leaders.
- Avoid two-valued thinking traps because very few decisions are choices between right and wrong or good and bad.
- Influence the future, rather than the present or the past. Develop a common vision, create a share sense of identity and responsibility. Look to the future to solve problems ahead and prevent problems from reoccurring in the future.

The truth slowly dawns on Albert that there are few career opportunities for people who want to work alone and who can't work within a team, and that the most important skills and abilities for success are just one: the ability to get along with others.
Publication Date:
04 / 08 / 2000

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