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    Wisdom From Women In The Bible

    By: Edith Deen

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    From the author of 'All Of The Women Of The Bible' comes a gift edition of her topical book relating the lives of biblical women to the lives of women today.

    This fabulous book tells the story of more than 50 women who reflect our own weaknesses and potential for greatness, our petty jealousies and hopeful prayers. Deen's topical approach makes the book work both as an encyclopedic look at feminine virtues to be read in bits and pieces and as a chronological journey through the lessons of Biblical women.

    In short chapters focusing on selected biblical characters, 'Wisdom From Women In The Bible' addresses topics like marriage, home, possessions, children, and widowhood, proclaiming the sameness of women's problems in biblical times and now.

    Miriam is categorised as a "liberated woman" for her role in leading Israel out of bondage, but Delilah represents "deception". Deen discusses each woman's life as illuminated by both modern scholarship and the biblical passages that mention her. Their lives have much of value to impart in today's world, even those of the biblical women who made mistakes, or who acted foolishly or with malice.

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