Wise Women Invest in Real Estate

Wise Women Invest in Real Estate by Lisa Moren Bromma
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Create a Lifetime of Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investment

As a woman, you have inherent skills that can make you a savvy and successful real estate investor-even if you have never owned property before. Wise Women Invest in Real Estate helps you to combine the skills you already have with real estate investment know-how from experts in the field, giving you the power to take complete control of your financial future.

Whether you're looking to build on the skills you already have, or simply master the nuts and bolts of buying, selling, and investing in real estate, this is the hands-on guide for you. It provides valuable insight into why women naturally make ideal investors, as well as tools to help you successfully

Find, negotiate, and finance properties

Determine viable and appropriate deals

“Buy and hold,” fix and remodel, and sell at the right time

Manage money and clients

Build confidence and expertise in the real estate market

“This is the best book I've seen for women who want to be assured that real estate can make you wealthy. Read this book, get wise, and get wealthy. It is the best way to overcome the earnings gap over a lifetime.”-Rachel Bondi, author of The Wealth Gap
Publication Date:
08 / 01 / 2007

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