Witch Hunt by Kathryn Lyon

01 / 05 / 1998

It began with the desperate cry of a seven-year-old girl and escalated into the victimization of dozens of innocent citizens in Wenatchee, Washington. For in the eyes of the righteous, a crusading policeman and well-intentioned social services employees became champions of public decency and family values, while a terrified and confused young girl became the symbol of rampant moral degeneracy within the picturesque community at the foot of the Cascade Mountains.
As the media frenzy engulfed Wenatchee, townspeople wondered how a debauched group who committed horrific sex crimes against children had lived in their midst for so long without detection. Suddenly, in the name of justice, families were being broken up, individuals were accused of heinous crimes and were prosecuted - despite the protest of many townspeople questioning the methods of the so-called experts and accusers.
Now, a lone observer, an independent attorney who spent a year in the explosive atmosphere of Wenatchee, pieces together the whole story of one of the most blatant cases of misuse of power and miscarried justice since the McCarthy witch hunts. As public outrage demanded justice, an overzealous legal system perpetrated crimes just as devastating as child sexual abuse: the persecution and condemnation of innocent people.

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