Wittgenstein: Comparisons and Context

Wittgenstein: Comparisons and Context by P. M. S. Hacker

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Wittgenstein: Comparisons and Context is a collection of P. M. S. Hackers papers on Wittgenstein and Wittgensteinian themes written over the last decade. It presents Hackers own (Wittgensteinian) conception of philosophy, and defends it against criticisms. Two essays compare Wittgenstein with Kant on transcendental arguments, and offer a Wittgensteinian critique of Kants transcendental deduction. Two further essays trace the development of Wittgensteinsphilosophy of psychology, and examine his anthropological and ethnological approach to philosophical problems. This leads naturally to a synoptic comparison of Wittgensteins later philosophy of language with formal, truth-conditional conceptions of language. A further two clarificatory essays follow thesecomparative ones: the first concerns Wittgensteins conception of grammar, and his exclusion of theses, doctrines, dogmas, and opinions in philosophy; the second concerns his treatment of intentionality. The penultimate essay examines Quines epistemological naturalism, which is often presented as a more scientific approach to philosophical problems than Wittgensteins. The final essay offers a synoptic view of analytic philosophy and its history, in which Wittgenstein played so notable a part.The volume complements Hackers previous collection, Wittgenstein: Connections and Controversies (OUP, 2001), but stands as an independent contribution to work in the field.
Publication Date:
31 / 10 / 2013

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