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    The richly atmospheric historical fantasy trilogy about shapeshifters continues, this second book set in Britain and Gaul during the years of Caesar's Roman empire.

    The fearsome legions of Julius Caesar have crushed all resistance to Roman rule. The power of the druids is broken, the Gallic tribes are in retreat. Watching all this is Maeniel, a grey wolf . . . who is also a man. But he is a stranger to his human half, his reason chained to instinct.

    Now, as the Gallic tribes are systematically destroyed around him, a new Maeniel is about to be born from the ruins. The appearance of young, proud, beautiful Imona triggers Maeniel's transformation from wolf to man, and in her arms he learns for the first time what it means to love. But when Imona vanishes during a Roman massacre, Maeniel begins to learn a very different lesson.

    Following Imona's trail, Maeniel is himself pursued by Dryas, a warrior woman sworn to kill him. But the two adversaries will prove to have much in common. And the hunt upon which they embark will lead them farther than they can imagine.

    By turns lyrical, sensuous and violent, 'Night Of The Wolf' is a masterful weaving of adventure, history and magic which delves deeper into the shapeshifter legend, and brings an earlier, more savage time brilliantly to life.

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