Woman On Top

Woman On Top by Vera Blasi & Fina Torres
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Once upon a time, in a faraway land known as Brazil, lived a girl named Isabella. When she was born, the gods were so busy endowing her with beauty, they forgot to take care of one small, but important detail . . . motion sickness. She got car sick, stroller sick, elevator sick. Her parents tried everything, from conventional medicine to organised religion to alternative religion. Nothing worked. But Yemanja, goddess of the sea, took pity on the child and compensated her with a gift: an astonishing talent for cooking.

Isabella grew into a shy and pretty girl who could melt the palates and the hearts of men. She dreamed of going abroad and becoming a world famous chef. But with one look at the dashing Tonino, all other dreams took flight. It was love at first bite. Even though they came from opposite sides of the tracks, they knew they belonged together, and that nothing could stop them.

But . . . in order to avoid motion sickness, Isabella had to be in control of all her movements . . . all of their movements, even the most intimate movements. Obsessed with this position problem, Tonino made a manly decision, one that he was going to seriously regret . . .

So begins the story of Isabella and Tonino, a delightful tale of love, heartbreak, magical spells, and fabulous cooking.
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 2000

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