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    Woman's Best Friend

    By: Babette Haggerty-Brennan

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    The first book specifically written for women and their dogs

    Expert dog trainer Babette Haggerty-Brennan looks at the special issues unique to dogowning women in Woman's Best Friend.

    With warmth, humor, and expert experience, Babette explores the personalities of different breeds, and their needs as they relate to a woman's specific lifestyle.

    Unlike other training books, this unique guide offers advice and suggestions specifically for women, whose needs and nature require special consideration. Topics include:

    Choosing a family dog

    Preparing and training for a new baby

    Using effective commands

    Dealing with embarrassing dog behavior such as sniffing, eating underwear, excessive barking, and more

    Avoiding being overpowered by the dog, i.e. leash tugging, leash breaking, door crashing

    In this fascinating and informative book, women get the advice and help they want to find a dog that fits their specific needs.
    Publication Date:
    22 / 08 / 2003

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