2nd Chance - Cassette

2nd Chance - Cassette by James Patterson
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101 x 128mm
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Titles in Series
4 Cassettes, Abridged.
Read by Andrew Gross.

Follows '1st To Die'.

Lindsay Boxer, San Francisco's only woman homicide detective, is back in a mind-blowing new thriller in the Women's Murder Club series.

'I moved closer and knelt over the blood-soaked body. Tasha's blouse was soaked with blood, mixed with falling rain. Just a few feet away, a rainbow-hued knapsack still lay on the grass. Bullet holes were everywhere, splintered glass and wood. Dozens of kids had been streaming out to the street . . . All those shots, and only one victim.'

The tragic end of the honeymoon murder case left Lindsay Boxer unsure if she could ever return to work. But when a little girl is shot outside a San Francisco church, she knows it's time to reconvene the Women's Murder Club. Working with reporter Cindy Thomas, assistant DA Jill Bernhardt, and medical examiner Claire Washburn, Lindsay starts to track a mystifying killer who quickly turns his pursuers into his victims.

Further murders make them suspect the worst - that the killer may be an ex-cop. The clues point towards a man with a thirst for vengeance, but nothing could prepare them for the demented logic behind his choice of victims . . .
Publication Date:
09 / 05 / 2002
101 x 128mm
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