Working Musicians: Defining Moments From The Road, The Studio & The Stage

Working Musicians: Defining Moments From The Road, The Studio & The Stage by Bruce Pollock
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135 x 210mm

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What it's like to make a living making music, from the people who know best: more than a hundred of the biggest names in rock, jazz and hip-hop.

Life in the world of professional music requires incredible devotion but pays big rewards. Your body clock is skewed toward night-time; touring is an endless parade of sound checks, hotel rooms and road food; success for most is a long incremental climb. But you're doing what you love most in the whole world - and there's no substitute for the reception from a room full of people who love it too.

Based on interviews with more than a hundred working musicians conducted over more than twenty years, this book covers every aspect of the music life: starting out, playing the first gig, making a record, living on the road, crafting the perfect set, writing great songs, and much more.

Among the musicians who share their thoughts are: Harry Connick Jr, Gene Simmons, Tim Rice, Bruce Springsteen, Leo Kottke, Phil Everly, Jerry Garcia, Robbie Robertson, Paul Simon, Donald Fagen, John Lee Hooker, Jim Webb, Frank Zappa, Keith Richards, Carole King, Randy Newman, Neil Sedaka, Brenda Lee, John Sebastian, Bruce Hornsby, George Thorogood, Leonard Cohen, and many more.

The result is a lifetime's worth of wisdom and experience that will open the eyes of fans and musicians alike.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2002
135 x 210mm

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