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The aim of this volume is to bring together contributions from international research on writing and motivation. It not only addresses the basic question of how motivation to write can be fostered, but also provides analyses of conceptual and theoretical issues at the intersection of the topics of motivation and writing. What emerges from the various chapters is that the motivational aspects of writing represent a rich, productive and partially still unexplored research field.

This volume is a step in the direction of a more systematic analysis of the problems as well as an effort to present and compare various models, perspectives and methods of motivation and writing.

*Addresses the implications of writing instuction based on the 2 main approaches to writing research: cognitive and socio-cultural
*Provides systematic analysis of the various models, perspectives, and methods of motivation & writing
*Brings together the international research available in this burgeoning field
Publication Date:
11 / 12 / 2006

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