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    By: Robert Earl

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    Recipes, trick-tips, etiquette and more, from over 50 of the world's greatest extreme sports superstars of Surf, Skate, Snow and BMX - brought to you by the ambassador or extreme sports himself, Mr Robert Earl.

    Tony Hawk expertly flipping eggs. Dave Mirra daintily holding a napkin to his lips. Willy Santos pre-heating his oven. Huh? Has the world gone suddenly insane? No! This is 'X-Treme Cuisine', where all your favourite extreme sports superstars learn the proper way to hold a fork, braise a turkey and enter the civilised world.

    Better than Martha Stewart in a Halfpipe, you'll learn how to make their favourite (and sometimes only) culinary masterpieces, from Matt Hoffman's ding-dong-delicious to Mike Vallely's white-trash-casserole. You'll also find cooking advice, fancy restaurant etiquette, and inside information to trick-tips, love songs, and how to catch great air.

    So put on a floppy white hat, pick up a spatula (a what??) and let host Robert Earl be your extreme guide into a whole new world of culinary delights.

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