You and Your Money

You and Your Money by Lois A. Vitt

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Based on extensive nationwide research conducted by the author and the Institute for Socio-Financial Studies about what people need to learn and do to become financially savvy, You and Your Money gives you the skills you need to be financially competent and you can make the right decisions about moneytoday, tomorrow, always! You don't need to know everything about personal finance. You do need to know three things: where you stand today, what you can do now, and how to become more financially secure for the rest of your life. This book helps you answer those three questions. It's easy, readable, practical, and quick. It gives you simple, common-sense tools for achieving financial you can use in every part of your life, not just finance! It brings together real stories from real people. People like you. People who know what they want, and just need to know how to get there. CREATE YOUR OWN PERSONAL LIFE VALUES PROFILE: The book helps you develop your unique personal profile so you can better assess your own goals and know how to achieve them GET SAVVY, AND FEEL MUCH MORE IN CONTROL: Easy, quick ways to take charge of your financial well-being GROW YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT SYSTEM, STEP-BY-STEP: Learn to communicate about moneyand find objective, honest help when you need it PLAN YOUR FINANCES AROUND THE CHANGES IN YOUR LIFE: Plan for life transitions, prepare for disasters, and learn how to recover from financial setbacks
Publication Date:
02 / 04 / 2003

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