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    You Can Beat PMS!: The 12-Week Plan

    By: Colette Harris & Theresa Cheung

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    The 12-Week Plan to Banish Mood Swings, Disturbed Sleep, Sugar Cravings, Bloating, Skin Problems, Irrational Crying, Headaches.

    Beat the symptoms of PMS by making simple changes to your diet with this lively and authoritative self-help guide from the authors of the best-selling 'PCOS' and 'PCOS Diet Book'.

    A must-have for all women who feel they're spending half their life feeling less then 100%, this book shows how you can get rid of discomfort and pain for good. The book reveals how simple changes can produce startling results, ridding you of pain and discomfort for good.

    A healthy lifestyle and good nutrition are the key factors in relieving PMS - without this, the many supplements on the market are ineffective. The easy-to-follow 12-week programme includes weekly information on nutrition, PMS-busting exercise, emotional well-being and vitality boosters such as supplements and mood-lifters.

    Also includes chapters explaining why PMS occurs and why the plan works, exploring the hormonal problems that PMS might point to, such as peri-menopause and PCOS, as well as an A-Z of symptoms and how to beat them so you can fine-tune the plan to suit you. The plan promises long-term results, with a maintenance plan to ensure life stays PMS-free after the 12 weeks are over.

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