Your Best Body Ever by Anita Goa
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The first complete, individualized program that integrates the best of all workouts

If you already train with weights

. . . you can learn to maximize endurance, increase flexibility, and enhance mental focus by adding aerobics and yoga to your routine.

If you already do Cardio

. . . you can build essential muscle strength using simple weight-training techniques and rejuvenate your body and mind through the power of yoga.

If you already practice yoga

. . . you can discover how to integrate the physical advantages of weight training and aerobics with the physical and mental rewards of yoga.

Be the best you can be—with Your Best Body Ever

Now you can combine the best of weight training, cardio, and yoga with the breakthrough Goa System. This easy-to-use guide integrates essential exercises, positions, and routines into a highly flexible program based upon your personal needs. Your Best Body Ever includes:

The fitness essentials—what everyone should know about strength training, cardio exercise, and yoga positions

All levels of skill and strength—advanced, individualized approaches for anyone who already works out but wants a balanced routine for optimum results

Strength, flexibility and endurance—a fully integrated program that covers all of the essential elements

Anita Goa is a fitness instructor at two premier venues in New York City—Reebok Sports Club/NY and Sports Club/LA in New York—and is a personal trainer for many elite athletes, entertainers, and business leaders. Anita has appeared on “The View” and has been featured in magazines, including Fitness and Cosmopolitan.
Publication Date:
02 / 09 / 2004

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