Your Health Today: Choices in a Changing Society

Your Health Today: Choices in a Changing Society by Michael Teague
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It’s not just Personal! Your Health Today teaches Personal Health from a truly inclusive and socially responsible perspective. While each of us has a unique set of individual characteristics that shape our health other environmental factors have an impact on our well being too. Your Health Today incorporates the individual interpersonal and broader social factors that affect our health acting as a guide for healthy living in college and beyond. Students will complete a guided Personal Health portfolio online applying concepts they learn from the text to their own lives in assessments that give automatic feedback. In doing so students are able to see how their own family history community and culture affect their personal health decisions. In addition to applied assessments the Your Health Today program includes a LearnSmart an unparalleled adaptive learning program that diagnoses students’ knowledge of a subject then creates an individualized learning path to help them master the concepts that they find most challenging. Additionally the eBook for Your Health Today includes supplementary chapters on Complementary and Alternate Medicine and Environmental issues for instructors who cover that content. Instructors can also assign videos from the College Health Report series and use them as a lecture-launcher or ice-breaker in class discussions.
Publication Date:
05 / 10 / 2012

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