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    Zealandia: Our Continent Revealed

    By: Nick and Campbell, Hamish Mortimer

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    Continents are some of Planet Earth's most striking geographic and geological features. To have a continental identity is to be important, significant, recognised. This book makes a compelling claim for Zealandia to take its place alongside Eurasia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica.

    Zealandia is a continent almost entirely submerged. With New Zealand as its largest inhabited land mass, it stretches north to incorporate New Caledonia, south beyond Auckland and Campbell islands, west beyond Australia's Lord Howe Island and east past the Chathams. Its ancestry reaches back more than half a billion years - a long, complex and dramatic story of growth, stretching, breakup, submergence, immersion and collision. Equally, the story of its cargo of life - human and otherwise - is one of extinction, adaption and migration.

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