Zen and the Art of Information Security

By: Ira Winkler

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While security is generally perceived to be a complicated and expensive process, Zen and the Art of Information Security makes security understandable to the average person in a completely non-technical, concise, and entertaining format. Through the use of analogies and just plain common sense, readers see through the hype and become comfortable taking very simple actions to secure themselves. Even highly technical people have misperceptions about security concerns and will also benefit from Ira Winkler's experiences making security understandable to the business world. Mr. Winkler is one of the most popular and highly rated speakers in the field of security, and lectures to tens of thousands of people a year. Zen and the Art of Information Security is based on one of his most well received international presentations.Written by an internationally renowned author of Spies Among Us who travels the world making security presentations to tens of thousands of people a yearThis short and concise book is specifically for the business, consumer, and technical user short on time but looking for the latest information along with reader friendly analogiesDescribes the REAL security threats that you have to worry about, and more importantly, what to do about them
Publication Date:
18 / 04 / 2011

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