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    By: Neal Stephenson

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    In Boston, two centuries after the Tea Party, harbour dumping is still a favourite local sport, only these days it's major corporations piping toxic wastes into the water. Environmentalist and professional-pain-in-the-ass Sangaman Taylor is Boston's latter-day Paul Revere, spreading the word from a 40-horsepower Zodiac raft. Embarrassing powerful corporations in highly telegenic ways is the perfect method of making enemies, and Taylor has a collection that would do any rabble-rouser proud.

    After his latest exploit, he's wanted by the FBI, possibly by the Mafia, and definitely by a group of Satanist angel-dust heads who think he's looking for a PCP factory, not PCB contamination. Pretty soon dodging bullets is the least of Taylor's problems - because somewhere out there are an unhinged genetic engineer and a lab-concocted bacterium that could destroy all ocean life - and that's just for starters.

    Frightening, funny, fast and furious, 'Zodiac' is thrilling speculative fiction torn straight from today's headlines.

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