30 Days In The Zone - CD by Barry Sears
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Barry Sear's 'Zone' books have sold more than three million copies. Now, for the first time, he's giving us a 30-day plan to make it incredibly easy to reap the benefits of living in the Zone.

To put it quite simply, this book is the 'Zone' book that has it all. There's never been one 'Zone' book that pulls everything together and, most importantly, delivers a solid 30-day program to help the Zone lifestyle become second nature.

- The facts on the amazing scientific basis of the Zone dietary plan and its ability to help you look better, think better, perform better and feel better.
- The simplest plan yet to show you how to balance protein, carbohydrates and fat to stay in the Zone, where optimal health begins.
- Information on the Omega Rx Zone: the incredible benefits of supplementing with pharmaceutical-grade fish oil, including increased brain vitality and longevity and reversal of chronic disease.
- Thirty days of meal plans and delicious recipes.
- The most effective exercise - what, when and how long - for maximum results in the Zone.
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2003

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