8 Choices That Create A Love That Lasts

8 Choices That Create A Love That Lasts by Jill Briscoe
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Based on the 'Love Chapter' -- one of the most well-known sections of Scripture (1 Corinthians 13) -- and pointing to Jesus as love personified on this planet, this book shares eight positive choices women can make to create a life of live. Tapping into every woman's need for love, this book offers 8 concrete choices she can make to ensure she will have the kind of love that endures.

Weaving in heart-warming personal stories, author Jill Briscoe shares life-changing principles that will enable readers to love not only themselves and God but to infuse the depths of love into every relationship in their lives.

The eight choices that are guaranteed to create a life of love are:
1. The choice to love God: This is where it all begins. With this as a foundation, any woman can begin to create the life of love she's always wanted
2. The choice to love when love runs out: Every woman hits the wall where love that once was there is no more. But the woman who relies on the creator God -- the God who can create wonderful things out of absolutely nothing -- finds that He can renew love in her life when she chooses it.
3. The choice to love those in her church family: Every church has ornery, hard-to-get-along-with people -- people who at their core are not very lovable. But by following the amazing teachings of 1 Corinthians 13, women can choose to love even these.
4. The choice to love those who drive her up the wall: Irritating in-laws, cantankerous neighbours, overbearing husbands, difficult co-workers -- all of these people can drive us up the wall. But by choosing to allow the miraculous power of God's Spirit to work in their heart, women will find they can choose to love even those who drive them up the wall.
5. The choice not to love things too much: Focusing on people instead of things will keep a woman's heart in the right place and is a key to guaranteeing her the life of love she desires.
6. The choice to love when she's provoked: The ability to love in times of anger and provocation comes only from a rich relationship with God. Author Jill Briscoe guides readers, throughout the book, into this relationship and lays a solid foundation for rising above the provocations of others.
7. The choice to love and trust again: When trust is broken, it takes miracle power to revive that lost love. And miracle power is what this book offers in the form of solid biblical teaching and steps to gaining an active relationship with a heavenly Father who has chosen to love us even though we have broken his trust again and again.
8. The choice to love God up close and personal: The book ends where it begins -- with relationship with God -- but here readers find themselves exploring intimacy with God at levels perhaps never known to them before -- up close and personal.
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2007

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