A Beginner's Guide: The Magic And Mystery Of Trees

A Beginner's Guide: The Magic And Mystery Of Trees by Teresa Moorey

07 / 03 / 2002

Trees provide an infinite source of inspiration to humankind, from poems and paintings to philosophies. We could not live without trees, both as a resource and as planetary lungs enriching our atmosphere with oxygen. In magic and mythology trees are credited with powers to communicate wisdom and to heal. We sense that trees are deeply sentient; small wonder that people are prepared to risk life and limb to save them from destruction.

This book explores the many meanings of trees, from myths and folklore through ritual and seasonal uses to their "spiritual essence" and esoteric meanings. In addition we shall be looking at the Celtic "Tree Alphabet" and how it links with the months of the year. For instance, what does it mean to be born in the month of the Ash? How does that differ from Rowan or Oak?

Trees are enchanting, elusive, yet very real, and we share our planet with their spirit. If you love and are fascinated by trees, there is much information in these pages for you to enjoy, and to fire your imagination.
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