A Cook's Tour: In Search Of The Perfect Meal - CD

A Cook's Tour: In Search Of The Perfect Meal - CD by Anthony Bourdain
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148 x 127mm

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Anthony Bourdain, lifelong line cook and bestselling author of 'Kitchen Confidential' sets off to eat his way around the world. But being Anthony Bourdain, this was never going to be a conventional culinary tour . . .

Inspired by 'Apocalypse Now', Bourdain heads out to Saigon where he eats the still-beating heart of a live cobra (washed down with its blood), and then into Cambodia, the Heart of Darkness, where he travels deep into landmined Khmer Rouge territory to find the rumoured Wild West of Cambodia (Pailin).

Other stops include dining with gangsters in Russia, a medieval pig slaughter and feast in Portugal, the Basque All Male Gastronomique Society in St Sebastian, paladars in Cuba, rural Mexico with his Mexican sous-chef, a pilgrimage to the French Laundry in the Napa Valley and a return to his roots in the tiny fishing village of La Teste, where he ate his first oyster as a child.

This is an adventure story sure to give you indigestion . . .
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2002
148 x 127mm

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