A Day Without Pain (Revised)

A Day Without Pain (Revised) by Mel Pohl
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Mel Pohl
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230 x 153mm
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Pain and its management (or mismanagement) is one of the most important and urgent issues facing society today. Millions are afflicted with pain and it is the most frequent reason Americans seek medical attention each year. According to research published in Pain Physician Journal (2006), 90 percent of people in the US receiving treatment for pain management are prescribed opiate medication. Of that number, 18 to 41 percent had opiate abuse/addiction problems. We also know that at least eighty billion dollars is spent for pain relief in the US each year-a significant amount of that is for prescription medications. What is harder to quantify is the emotional cost to family systems when one or more members suffer with a chronic pain condition.

More than 50 million people in the US suffer from long-lasting pain that persists for months or years. Twenty-two percent of primary care patients report being in pain; 83 million adults reveal that pain affects their participation in an activity; 4.5 million patients die in pain each year; and 26 percent of nursing home residents experience daily pain. Pain is a worldwide pandemic with no end in sight. That's why this book was written.

A DAY WITHOUT PAIN reviews the physical and psychological problems associated with pain, as well as ways to assess and treat pain. It examines methods for treating pain in a comprehensive, holistic manner, without the use of narcotic/opiate/pain killers, so that optimal health and function can be restored.

Key Features:
* Updated statistics and expanded information on how to address chronic pain without the use of narcotic painkillers.
* Conversational and easy-to-read format.
* Practical tools and techniques are presented that can help provide lasting relief for chronic pain sufferers.
* Addresses the issues of abuse and addiction many chronic pain sufferers experience as a result of treatment with opioid medications.
* Provides vital information and help for those with chronic pain and underlying or co-occurring addiction.
Publication Date:
03 / 10 / 2011
230 x 153mm

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