A Field Guide To Dinosaurs

A Field Guide To Dinosaurs by Henry Gee

Henry Gee
01 / 06 / 2005
222 x 265mm

The Essential Handbook for Travellers in the Mesozoic.
Illustrated by Luis V Rey.

A lavishly illustrated, encyclopedic guide to dinosaurs from leading palaeontologist and writer Henry Gee and renowned dinosaur artist Luis V. Rey, which uses full colour paintings, at-a-glance icons, anatomical sketches and up-to-the-minute scientific research to bring the prehistoric world alive.

Sensational discoveries during the past decade have shed new light on the most intimate details of dinosaurs' lives, from their appearance and diet to their behaviour, their family structures - even their sex lives. Modern finds encompass far more than the discovery of bones, and have uncovered eggs, footprints, skin impressions, even feathers.

Biochemistry tells us what dinosaurs ate; fossil studies teach us how they grew. Engineering design techniques are used to work out how they fed, demonstrating that Tyrannosaurus Rex was a bone-crushing butcher while Allosaurus ripped and slashed flesh from its fleeing prey.

Now, 'A Field Guide To Dinosaurs' shows us more about these animals than we could previously have imagined.

The latest dinosaur findings present a far more vivid and complete picture of this extraordinarily successful group of animals than would have been thought possible only a few years ago. Recent finds in South America, Madagascar, Mongolia, China and Australia have revealed the existence of amazing and exotic dinosaurs.

Some of the most remarkable finds in these recently explored territories include feathered dinosaurs from China, as well as a sauropod dinosaur nesting ground in Patagonia that stretches for miles in every direction. Our knowledge of dinosaurs is richer today than ever before, with no sign of the excitement lessening or the flood of new finds drying up.

Renowned dinosaur artist Luis V. Rey and palaeontologist and writer Henry Gee have seamlessly integrated all of the most recent discoveries in the making of this unique book.
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