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    A Long Way From Tipperary

    By: John Dominic Crossan

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    What a Former Irish Monk Discovered in his Search for the Truth

    Since leaving his birthplace in Tipperary, Ireland, John Dominic Crossan's sense of courage and adventure has inspired him to pursue the truth no matter where it led. As a young man, he left the priesthood to marry and to ensure that his loyalties to the church wouldn't interfere with his vigorous scholarly pursuits. Since then, Crossan's fearless historical and spiritual explorations have transformed the traditional faith of his upbringing into a more complex, sophisticated Catholic faith.

    This book blends colourful stories of Crossan's Irish youth, his years as a monk, and his emergence as a leading historian with his provocative reflections on such questions as how one can be a Christian without going to church, and why Jesus is more like Ghandi or Martin Luther King, Jr., than the Pope or Jerry Falwell. What emerges is a fascinating, full account of what has fuelled Crossan's impassioned search for the real meaning of Jesus, God, Christianity, and the truly good life.

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