Abraham: A Journey To Heart Of Three Faiths - Cassette - Unabridged

Abraham: A Journey To Heart Of Three Faiths - Cassette - Unabridged by Bruce Feiler
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186 x 106mm

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In his widely acclaimed bestseller 'Walking The Bible', Bruce Feiler set out on an unprecedented journey retracing the greatest stories ever told. In this provocative, deeply moving follow-up, Feiler embarks on another one-of-a-kind journey: a search for the man at the heart of the world's three monotheistic religions - and at the centre of today's deadliest wars.

Here is one man's personal quest to better understand the patriarch of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the man all three religions call "God's Friend". Abraham is the lynchpin of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. He is the focal point of the battle between the United States and Islamic Terrorists. He is the father of twelve million Jews, one billion Muslims, and three billion Christians.

Bruce Feiler gives us a rare vision of hope. With grace and eloquence, he shows that despite the hate sown for centuries in his name, the father of the world's most enduring faith actually embodies a message of inclusion and tolerance.

The first book of its kind, 'Abraham' will change how you think about your religion, your heritage, your neighbours.
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 2002
186 x 106mm

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