Absolute Balderdash: The Hilarious Bluffing Game

Absolute Balderdash: The Hilarious Bluffing Game by Various
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323 x 208mm

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Featuring 5 Fabulous Bluffing Categories: Words, People, Initials, Movies, Dates.
For 2 or More Players - Ages 10 to 110.

'Absolute Balderdash' is absolutely hilarious. It's the bluffing game in which players try to fool each other by making up phony answers or definitions. There are five fabulous bluffing categories to choose from.

One side of each card displays the questions, the other side shows the corresponding answers. The fun takes off when the real Balderdash answer is shuffled in with all of the players' phony bluff answers and each is read aloud.

After the laughter stops, everybody votes for which answer they think is the right one. Points are given for fooling other players and for choosing the real and often unbelievable answer.

Be as wacky or as serious as you want. In 'Absolute Balderdash', absolutely anything goes!

- 2,475 Questions
- 495 Cards
- Game Board
- 6 Play Pieces
- 1 Die
- Instructions
- Definition Pads
Publication Date:
05 / 06 / 2003
323 x 208mm

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