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    By: Richard Saul Wurman

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    London is the quintessential tourist destination, at once able to be all things to all people. This 10th Edition of Access London reveals this ever-changing kaleidoscope of a metropolis in all its glory as it guides travellers down the streets and into its very heart.

    A thriving, invigorating mix of old and new, monarchy and democracy, London's unique character has long ensured it a special place within the heart of England. Visitors love this city that is at once ancient and modern, reserved and tempestuous: a provincial settlement on the edge of the civilised world, a trading district dominated by merchants and aldermen, a royal stronghold, a centre of politics, power and culture -- the city's many faces endears it to may travellers.

    For those in search of the many facets of London, 'Access London' is the ultimate guide. Comprehensive, fully updated and filled with revised maps, sidebars and points of interest, we bring to life this bustling centre of culture, history and commerce with that requisite touch of class, and the promise to acquaint you royally with its character and charm.

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