Ahead Of The Market by Mitchel Zacks
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230 x 155mm
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The Zacks Method for Spotting Stocks Early - In Any Economy.

Once the domain of Wall Street's most elite professionals, the information and investment methods provided by Zacks Investment Research are now available to individual investors. Includes a FREE trial subscription to top- rated independent investment research from Zacks.

In order to be successful, investors need to decipher all the blather generated by Wall Street in order to get to the underlying gems of information that can truly guide them to the right stocks at the right time. For many years, this has been the job of Zacks Investment Research, which focuses specifically on the reams of information produced by Wall Street analysts. Some of the analysts' utterances are self-serving nonsense, some pure gold. How can you tell the difference? And what can you do about it? These are the issues addressed by Mitchel Zacks in this landmark investment guide.

Using the Zacks method of interpreting analyst consensus recommendations and quarterly earnings estimates, readers will learn how to predict the rise and fall of stock prices. The Zacks methodology is based on years of proven experience plus extensive statistical analysis of stock market data. Zacks' simple but proven formulas allow the average investor to invest like the pros.
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2004
230 x 155mm

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