All You Need Is Love And Other Lies About Marriage: How To Save Your Marriage Before It's Too Late

All You Need Is Love And Other Lies About Marriage: How To Save Your Marriage Before It's Too Late by John W Jacobs
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129 x 198mm
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A startling new approach to marriage by a psychiatrist/marriage therapist.

In 'All You Need Is Love And Other Lies About Marriage', psychotherapist John Jacobs addresses the fragility of marriage and explains that most people are in denial about the immense capacity of forces outside their relationship to cause severe interpersonal disruption and unhappiness. He believes that only by understanding and recognizing the cultural and individual pitfalls inherent in long-lasting partnerships can we ever hope to reap the benefits of this challenging but potentially rewarding institution.

If you want a better marriage, he explains, you have to recognize how vulnerable today's marriages really are to powerful social and historical changes in our culture and you must reject the many powerful lies about marriage - misunderstandings, myths, and fairy tales - that have become so deeply entrenched in our minds that we rarely approach marriage with reasonable expectations. Identifying these lies, strewn like minefields along the matrimonial journey, is the first step towards disarmament.

Dr Jacobs believes that virtually everyone has significant problems at some time in their marriage. The sustained, successful marriage requires consciously implemented strategies over a long haul that assume each partner will share a realistic and reasonable view of the structure and intricacies of the marital bond. To his patients, Dr Jacobs is known for taking a direct, honest, and clear approach. When it comes to marriage, he believes that what you don't know will ultimately hurt you.

We tend to wait too long to address marital problems and then it's really too late. The awareness that comes through the riveting cases in this book provides a much-needed wake-up call and a hopeful way to conceptualize the realities of marriage in the 21st century.

Fresh, moving, provocative, Dr Jacobs offers the truth about real marriage for real people.
Publication Date:
01 / 02 / 2005
129 x 198mm

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