Alley Urchin - Cassette

Alley Urchin - Cassette by Josephine Cox
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142 x 108mm
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2 Cassettes.
Read by Carole Boyd.

By 1870 Emma Grade has spent seven years of servitude as a convict in Australia. Now, having earned her ticket of leave, she is still bound by chains of honour and friendship. Yet Emma lives for the day when she will return to England, to face those who cheated and betrayed her. And to Marlow Tanner, the man she loves - and whose tragic child she had borne and then lost.

Emma struggles to make something of her life in Australia despite the sinister presence of her employer's evil son Foster. His determination to "have" Emma leads to dark and terrifying consequences.

As Emma battles against adversity, she is unaware that in England the child she has given up for dead is being lovingly raised by Marlow's sister Old Sal. Emma's daughter Molly grows up to be an expert pickpocket, but her fierce loyalty to her partner in crime, Old Sal, earns her the admiration of all who come to know her.

Will Emma ever be reunited with Marlow? Even if she finds him, will he still love her? And what of the child lost to them both? Emma is plagued with fears but her love for Marlow never weakens - and can never be forgotten. . .
Publication Date:
12 / 07 / 2001
142 x 108mm

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